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Customer First
Simferopol Russia - June 22 2014: Google biggest Internet search engine. domain was registered September 15 1997

Find out what customers experience by acting like one

Sometimes it could be good to check what your customers experience by acting like one. For example, the company in...


Senz does not leave customers out in the rain

Last week we shared a personal customer experience which didn’t went very well. This week however we will share a...


A different way to reward your customers

Pret A Manger, an English fast food company, wanted to reward their customers but they did not want to spend...


Kindness pays off

After hearing two firefighters talking about the exhaustive night they had fighting fire, waitress Liz Woodward decided to write on...


Nordstrom helps searching for the ring

A sales clerk of Nordstrom saw a customer crawling on the floor. He asked her what was going on, and...


Ikea puts customer service on top

While putting an Ikea closet together, a colleague of ours damaged the closet quite badly on one side. She went...


McDonald’s crew member gives disabled man extra attention in rush hour

A handicapped man asked a  McDonald’s employee to help him eating and cutting his meal. Although it was rush hour...


A goldfish as company

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A pub in Tilburg helps a student

A pub in Tilburg organized a special event on sunday evening. Unfortunately for Maarten, he already promised his parents to visit...